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DIMO is a DePIN-crypto project that allows drivers to earn tokens for driving their cars once a week. However, due to the nature of DIMO, the earnings depend on multiple factors. The streak of passing data to DIMO (measured in weeks), smart car integration, and having a Tesla and/or devices used to calculate driving activity affect earnings. Besides, the number of cars connected worldwide has also an influence. This leads to arduous weekly calculations. Therefore, this calculator allows existing drivers and future drivers to get a glimpse of their potential earning composition.

Project Info


Your earnings

You would receive DIMO tokens for the given period at that configuration.
At the DIMO/USD price, this equals to $. Further, it equals to points (share).

Last update: 2th May 2024

How can I yield the maximum profit using DIMO?

To maximize your earnings, it is recommended to keep your weekly streak by driving at least once a week. This will bring you a maximum bonus of 3,000 points. Furthermore, the large AutoPi brings you 6,000 points, while the minor brother Macaron brings only 2,000 points. Moreover, a Tesla car brings 4,000 points compared to a smart car integration with 1,000 points.

Please note that points present a share in the weekly baseline issuance, which you share with other cars connected to the DIMO network.

If you want to learn more about the composition and points, please refer to this document by DIMO.

Do I need a DIMO device, such as AutoPi or Macaron?

No, you do not need a device. If your car has a smart car integration, in other words, it’s connected to an online service, you can link it with DIMO. To do so, open the app and link DIMO with your car manufacturer’s online service.

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