How to Install Pawns App on Raspberry Pi

Making a new passive income source is easy nowadays, especially with a Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install the Pawns App on Raspberry Pi. Thus, you will share your bandwidth and make money on the tiny computer while you sleep.


  • Get a Raspberry Pi (or an alternative, small computer)
  • Installed Raspbian or Ubuntu on Pi
  • Pawns App account (register here if you don’t have one)


Install Docker

The first step is to install Docker. You can skip this step if you have already installed it.

First, we retrieve the script-

$ curl -fsSL -o

Secondly, we execute the script. Now, we need admin permission to install relevant packages. Please note that this takes a while.

$ sudo sh

To use Docker as Pi, we need to assign the desired permission.

$ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Then restart the Raspberry Pi and log in with your credentials

$ sudo reboot

At this step, Docker is installed, and now we can proceed to install the Pawns app on Raspberry Pi.

Install Pawns App on Raspberry Pi

These are the most crucial steps to getting Pawns App running on your Pi.

First, pull the image from the remote server. This takes a few seconds

$ docker pull iproyal/pawns-cli:latest

After that, we can run the image. Please change and yourpassword with your credentials from the Pawns App.

$ docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped iproyal/pawns-cli:latest -password=yourpassword -device-name=raspberrypi -device-id=raspberrypi1 -accept-tos

This command will run the Pawns App Docker container in the background and even boot up if you reboot or turn on your Pi. Upon executing, you shall see a hash. This is the unique identifier of the container

To verify that your Docker container is running, you can run the following command

$ docker container ls -a

You can also see the logs using the container ID

$ docker container logs CONTAINER-ID
Pawns App Docker Container on Raspberry Pi
Pawns App Docker Container on Raspberry Pi

Now, head to the Pawns App dashboard and see if your device is listed under active devices. Note that this can take a while until it appears!

Finally, it is running on your Raspberry Pi.

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