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How to Claim Free $570 in WorldCoin

Worldcoin is an established cryptocurrency project by the OpenAI founder Sam Altman. The project aims to build identity management where people scan their iris using so-called orbs. A nice side-effect of scanning the iris is the access to biweekly grants that allow one user to claim up to 75 WLD with Worldcoin or $570 at today’s rate. This guide explains how you can claim that amount with the Worldcoin App.

Worldcoin App showing the overall balance

1. Download the Worldcoin app

To get started, download the Worldcoin App, which is available for Apple and Android devices. You will find below the respective links to the app in both stores.

Once downloaded, proceed with the 2nd step or follow the bonus step to get an additional 10 WLD tokens (approximately $76) on top of the 10 WLD you get when verifying your iris later.

Bonus: Claim an Additional 10 Worldcoin tokens

Please don’t make the mistake as I did of signing up directly through the app without being invited. This missed opportunity cost me approximately $76 in WLD.

As you should not repeat the mistake, please follow this link to get a bonus of 10 WLD. By signing up, you can receive a welcoming grant of 10 WLD and an additional 10 WLD bonus for being referred by someone.

2. Register an account

The second step involves creating an account with your phone number. Hereby, open the app upon downloading and proceed through the registration step by entering your phone number. After you create an account with them, consider taking the additional steps from the bonus section. Hereby, please switch to the Settings tab to find an option to enter an invite/referral code.

3. Claim your first grant in the Worldcoin App

This step may not be available to anybody as it depends on the timeframe of the future grants. However, if this option is available, you shall see an option to reserve grants worth 3 WLD tokens in the Grants tab. By reserving, you do not claim these tokens but can claim them in the future once you scan your iris with an orb.

Worldcoin App showing a standard grant

4. Scan your iris at an Orb Operator

To start claiming grants, you need to find an Orb operator. Typically, these are available worldwide; however, the number varies strongly from country to country.

To find the nearby orb, go to the gear icon in the app and click on ‘Find an orb’. You’ll see the available orbs in your country. For a more precise appearance of nearby orbs, you may allow your location in the Worldcoin app to see the next orb. Depending on the location, you need to book an appointment for the scan in timeslots of 30 minutes. Some other locations allow free walking to the place.

The next step involves visiting the orb operator at the specified timeslot of the free walk. The operator guides you through the process, which conducts scanning the iris for you, which takes a maximum of ten minutes.

Once you’re verified, a new timer starts in the app which takes 24 hours. During this period, your World ID gets verified, and any operations in the app remain paused until the timer expires. You may already see a welcome grant worth 10 WLD, which you should claim whenever available.

5. Expired Timer to Claim Welcome Grant in the Worldcoin App

Congratulations when your 24-hour timer expires, you can claim the welcome grant, which is worth 10 WLD (or $76) and any reserved grants that you were unable to claim before. To do so, click on each grant not claimed before to claim it individually.

Worldcoin App showing the welcome grant

6. Claim Biweekly Grants in the Worldcoin App

At this pace, you can claim a grant every two weeks for one year, which results in earnings of $570 in WLD tokens if you do it every time. In the grants tab, you can see the progress of your current earnings versus possible earnings. Therefore, be sure to check out the app regularly.

Worldcoin App showing available potential earnings

7. Foster your earnings by inviting people

To give a nice boost, you can invite an additional five people using your invite link/code, which allows you to earn 50 WLD tokens or $380 on top of your future earnings.


Claiming Worldcoin tokens has never been so easy nowadays. This option creates an unconditional basic income while preserving and verifying the identity of a person on the internet without being worried about having a bot right now.

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