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ICONOMI Review ▷ Legit or a Scam?

Crypto Trading has been popular these days, and managing them becomes harder day by day. Here comes ICONOMI, the digital asset platform. ICONOMI is a platform where experienced strategists take over your work for the daily crypto portfolio management. All you need is to deposit, find your suitable strategy and invest.


  • Name: ICONOMI
  • Website:
  • Established: in year 2017
  • Minimum Deposit: €10 (for fiat), none (for crypto)
  • Minimum Withdrawal: €10 (for fiat), varies (for crypto, see here)
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: SEPA, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Tether
  • KYC required: yes

What is ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a global crypto trading provider. On ICONOMI you can follow crypto strategies (another word for portfolio) by depositing funds in one of them. Additionally, you can also buy cryptocurrency directly which you can hold at the platform, but not withdraw them.

Founded in 2017 and funded with an initial coin offering on Ethereum, ICONOMI developed throughout the years to provide maximum comfortability.

ICONOMI user dashboard
ICONOMI dashboard

Finally, you can also manage your own crypto portfolio by choosing cryptocurrencies you think will fit and allocate the proportion of the cryptocurrency. Upon creation, you can change the allocation, remove or add new cryptocurrencies. This way, you have simple & whole control over your crypto portfolio.

You can try a DEMO strategy or a real cryptocurrency with your funds

Lastly, people who aren’t experienced may try the DEMO crypto strategy. This behaves like a crypto strategy with the difference that you don’t use real money. Using this method, you can simulate your desired portfolio with real-world data and see how it performs.

What is Crypto Strategy

Think of copy trading but in terms of portfolio, this is named crypto strategy. On ICONOMI, you will find many crypto strategies managed by experienced traders that optimize the portfolio to provide the highest yield. Every strategist follows a different strategy, for instance, focus on Defi coins, long-term or even short-term periods. Thus, it’s hard to say which one is the best and which one isn’t.

ICONOMI crypto strategies
ICONOMI crypto strategies

As you can see, there is in fact a lot of crypto strategies. If you feel unsafe about which one to choose, make sure to choose one with a blue ‘verified’ tick.

What’s the best crypto strategy?

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, this is quite hard to say. A good indicator is a performance throughout the year and the activity itself. However, keep in mind that the goal is to outperform Bitcoin. Otherwise, the investment in such a strategy is useless and better invested in BTC.

That’s why you should consider the DoB ratio (Days outperforming Bitcoin). Plus, the performance tab listed on the Crypto strategy’s page. This shows the maximum drawdown, the volatility and the return so far.

Performance of Crypto Strategy on ICONOMI

My personal strategy favourite

My personal favourite is the strategy Diversitas. It outperformed Bitcoin in 2020 by 30% and is one of the few crypto strategies that yielded high returns in a short period. Unlike other strategists, AnonymousCrypto (the guy behind Diversitas) aims at frequent trades with the focus on cryptocurrency that may be significant in the future, such as LUNA.

Nevertheless, always do your own research before investing in one of the crypto strategies.

Automated Trading

Aside from following crypto strategies, you can also buy cryptocurrency with (or without) automated trading.

Users who want to execute a trade of over 5,000 € should consider the Automated Trading feature to get the best market price and avoid possible losses. Hereby, ICONOMI may employ one of three trading strategies you can decide: Slow, Medium or Fast. The slower it is, the better is the final market price.

Although Automated Trading takes over placing market orders, one disadvantage is that you can’t withdraw the cryptos (with a few exceptions) and must hold these on the platform.

Fees On Iconomi

Multiple activities on the platform are subject to small fees. For instance, there are three kinds of fees when following a crypto strategy: Copy fee, Performance fee and exit fee. These fees can be adjusted by the strategists and they vary from strategy to strategy.

Here is a breakdown of what these fees really mean.

  • Copy fee: Whenever you invest in a crypto portfolio, this fee will apply. Moreover, it will be charged yearly
  • Performance fee: Whenever you make positive returns, a performance fee will apply on these returns monthly.
  • Exit transaction: When you decide to leave a strategy, a one-time exit fee will apply.

Furthermore, a fee is also charged when you create your own crypto strategy. Every time you make a rebalance of your portfolio, a trading fee of 0.20% incurs on the rebalanced amount. It’s worth noting that this fee is below industry standard thanks to the platform’s algorithm and volumes.

Deposit And Withdraw Funds On ICONOMI

ICONOMI offers various methods to deposit & withdraw funds. You can decide to deposit, withdraw either with SEPA, Skrill or even cryptocurrencies.

You can deposit fiat using SEPA or Skrill as low as €10. For cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and Tether (both on Ethereum blockchain), there is no minimum deposit. These are free-less.

However, when it comes to withdrawing, a withdrawal fee is charged. Fiat withdrawals incur a fee of €0.5 to €1.5. Plus, there is a minimum withdrawal amount of €10.

For cryptocurrencies, the minimum withdrawal and fees vary and are extremely high for small amounts. Please take a look here.

Affiliate Program

ICONOMI offers a flexible referral program. For every user, you referred, and they make a deposit in one of the crypto strategies, you will receive 50% (for other crypto strategies) or 80% (your own crypto strategy) reward of the fees.

Is ICONOMI even legit?

Yes, of course, they are legit. In the year 2017, they fundraised money using an ICO on Ethereum (called ICN token) and established with the funds ICONOMI. In the meantime, they transformed into a traditional ‘limited company’ backed by shareholders who invested in the ICO.

They are registered in the United Kingdom under company number 11087795 as ICONOMI Ltd. You can view the registration here.

Also, they follow KYC rules in order to meet the policies of the crypto business.

Final Conclusion

ICONOMI is a crypto trading platform with a primary focus on following crypto strategies and holding cryptocurrency. Established in 2017 and developed throughout the years to provide the best user experience, ICONOMI built a solid ground base of experienced strategists that give an insight to investors on how they work using social feeds. Besides that, investors may also create their own crypto strategy and reallocate, add or remove cryptocurrency whenever they want. Finally, the platform also allows to do automated trading for the best market price.




  • Low minimum deposit
  • Offers various deposit & withdrawal methods
  • Rich of strategists and portfolios


  • High withdrawal fees (particular for crypto)
  • No way to withdraw bought cryptocurrency (except for the main cryptos)
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