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Coinbase Learning Rewards Quiz Answers (Updated April 2023)

Desperate for new cryptocurrencies? Then take a look at Coinbase Learn & Earn. By watching short videos and answering questions, you’re getting paid free cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Coinbase gives out seven cryptocurrencies worth $28 in total if you answer all questions correctly. The rewards vary from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency.

The purpose of Coinbase Learn & Earn is to incentivise users if they are willing to learn more about the utility and underlying technology of related cryptocurrencies. According to Coinbase, the primary reason is the lack of knowledge of other cryptocurrencies that prevents users from exploring and investing in new digital assets and cryptocurrencies. With Coinbase Earn, the barrier should be eliminated allowing new and existing users to learn more about new cryptocurrencies as well as benefit from it.

To start earning free cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, you need to register an account there. Furthermore, European users need to pass the KYC before starting a lesson. Non-European users will be placed on the waitlist before they can access a survey.

Answers for Coinbase Learn & Earn

Below, we have listed the cryptocurrencies given away on Coinbase Learn & Earn with the corresponding answers that will be asked in the survey.

The Graph ($4)

Upon finishing, you will receive $4 in GRT.

  • Answer No. 1: Blockchain Data
  • Answer No. 2: GRT tokens
  • Answer No. 3: Curators
  • Answer No. 4: Delegate to a high-quality Indexer
  • Answer No. 5: Unlimited free cloud storage for photos

AMP ($3)

Upon finishing, you will receive $3 in AMP

  • Answer No. 1: A collateral token
  • Answer No. 2: AMP rewards
  • Answer No. 3: Instant settlement assurance

SHPING ($15)

Upon finishing, you will receive $15 in SHPING.

  • Question: How can brands interact with consumers using SHPING?
    • Answer: Brands can reward consumers for engagement
  • Question: SHPING rewards are indexed against which stablecoin?
    • Answer: USDT
  • Question: After soft-launching in Australia, how many users has the SHPING app grown to?
    • Answer: Over 300,000 users

NEAR Protocol ($3)

Upon finishing, you will receive $3 in NEAR.

  • Question: What is NEAR?
    • Answer: A simple, fast, secure, and climate-neutral blockchain
  • Question: What can the NEAR token be used for?
    • Answer: To interact with apps and participate in governance in NEAR
  • Question: What format does NEAR use for wallet addresses?
    • Answer: Natural language like “dave.near”

Access ($3)

After completing, you will receive $3 in ACS.

  • Question: What is Access Protocol?
    • Answer: A blockchain based model and ecosystem for media monitization
  • Question: How can users join creator pools on Access?
    • Answer: By locking ACS tokens in the pool of their choice
  • Question: What are the 3 tools of Access is building on top of the protocol?
    • Answer: Publisher, community, scribe.

Last Update: 7th April 2023

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