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9 Helpful Tips To Maximize HoneyGain Earnings

In my last post, I wrote a comprehensive review of HoneyGain. Today, I’d like to present some bullet points you should follow to maximize HoneyGain earnings.

First of all, these tips below are no secrets – they have been officially presented by HoneyGain in their blog. However, some users tend to miss a look at them. Therefore, I sum up the most important ones below you should consider.

Disable Battery Optimization (for Android Users)

Yes, you heard it. Please turn off the battery optimization in your mobile settings, otherwise, you’ll risk losing a few pennies. But why is that? According to HoneyGain, Android has an integrated Power Management system that turns off apps that haven’t been used for a while to improve the battery’s usage. This means, after a couple of days of not opening HoneyGain’s app, you won’t get coins anymore. To avoid that, you should follow the guide below.

Disable Battery Power Saving For The Honeygain App

On Old Samsung Devices
Battery Settings ➤ App Power Saving ➤ Details ➤ Honeygain ➤ Disabled

On New Samsung Devices
Settings ➤ Apps ➤ Honeygain ➤ Battery ➤ Optimise Battery Usage ➤ Not Optimised Settings ➤ Apps ➤ Honeygain ➤ Battery ➤ Allow Background Activity ➤ On

Changing the Optimization Settings
Phone Settings ➤ Applications ➤ Select Top Right Menu ➤ Special Access ➤ Optimize Battery Usage ➤ Deselect Honeygain If Selected

For other devices, check out this helpful answer of HoneyGain. (Source: How to Optimize Your Android Power Management Settings? And Increase Your Earnings at the Same Time, written on June 3 on HoneyGain’s blog)

Content Delivery (for Desktop Users)

I can only repeat, enable Content Delivery. It’s the option that brings tons of bucks when it’s enabled. Unlike Network Sharing where you’ll get paid according to your location, you’ll receive a fixed rate of 10 credits per hour which is $0.01 by using Content Delivery! However, you have to take in mind that using Content Delivery mitigates possible risks that you can read here. Nevertheless, Content Delivery is a way to maximize HoneyGain earnings.

Internet Speed and Latency

Concerning your internet speed, you should make sure that you have a stable connection; it is preferred to have at least 1 Mbps if you plan to use Default Network Sharing. Using the Content Delivery requires however at least 10 Mbps since the content such as videos or images goes through your network and this requires a higher network speed. If you face problems having a slow internet connection, check out these bullet points here. On the contrary, the maximum bandwidth the HoneyGain network can accept is 100 Mbps. Anything above doesn’t result in higher earnings for you.

But the key element isn’t having good internet bandwidth. The key element is to have a fast ping time, called latency. It defines the time frame to send information from one point to another. Since HoneyGain researchers do visit a lot of websites for their research, it’s essential to have a low latency time. To reach it, it’s important to connect your devices to the router using a LAN connection or put them closer to the WiFI router.

Devices Within A Network

HoneyGain repeats often whenever they can that you should run a maximum of two devices within the same network. That’s the limit prescribed by HoneyGain for a good reason. For HoneyGain it’s important to make use of the residential IP address. These are essential for researching shopping websites to retrieve prices from different networks. The number of devices doesn’t matter in this case.

Therefore, HoneyGain favours a variety of residential networks which means for you to have the least devices within the same network (again, maximum 2 devices) and have many devices from different networks (there is no limit you can have). There are people out there who installed HoneyGain on their uncle’s PC or even on 40 mobile phones.

Desktop vs. Mobile Phone

Another important factor is the OS you use. HoneyGain says that Desktop users earn much more than mobile phone users. They justify that Dekstop users have a stable connection as they use a wired connection or Wifi to the router. Therefore, Desktops can mitigate larger volumes of traffic. Lastly, Desktop users can run their device overnight to make the best out of it.

Unlike Desktop, mobile phone users don’t bring many credits. The reasons are as follow: There are many mobile phone users versus a few Desktop users, which make Desktop users more valuable. Moreover, mobile phones aren’t able to deliver consistent traffic due to their unstable connection.

Location and Time

Another underestimated factor is the location and time you keep HoneyGain running. At HoneyGain prevails the rule of supply and demand. This means if many users from the same location, let’s say from the same city, uses HoneyGain, the supply is high towards a low demand. Thus, the users from that city will earn significantly lower. However, if one user from a village uses HoneyGain where demand is available for that village, then his earnings will increase massively.

The same also applies to time. Usually, you’ll earn during peak times which is daytime much lower since many users are connected to the network. Instead, you should keep running HoneyGain during the nighttime when many PCs are turned off and so the supply.

Referral System

Lastly, you should consider using HoneyGain’s referral program. Every time you refer your friends or colleagues waves 10% referral commission for a lifetime to you. On my own, I referred a couple of people to HoneyGain without hard work so far and earning credits passively from them. And, the more people you refer, the more credits you earn and the faster you reach the withdrawal threshold. So, why shouldn’t you try it on your own, too?

Daily Bonus

You can also claim up to 100 Credits every day by claiming the daily bonus. To claim the daily bonus, simply login into the Honeygain Dashboard. Please wait a few seconds (or switch pages if necessary) to receive the notification on the bottom right to claim your daily bonus.

For Crypto Users: Enable JumpTask To Earn 50% More

If you’re into crypto, then you should definitely consider earning using JumpTask. You may ask now, what is JumpTask. JumpTask is a crypto token based on the Binance Smart Chain. They focus on developing an eco-system where people get paid in JMPT tokens. An advantage is that you can always exchange JMPT for other currencies, such as BTC or BNB.

In the essence, having JumpTask enabled in your HoneyGain account, your earnings will be boosted by 50%.


Earning Credits the fast way on HoneyGain seem difficult at the beginning for many of you but only with the right approach, one shouldn’t have any problems. The given tips recommended by HoneyGain above provide you with a clear approach to maximize HoneyGain earnings very fast.

If the tips were too long to read, here is a short summary for those who prefer short.

Maximize HoneyGain Earnings

  • Disable Battery Optimization

  • Enable Content Delivery if possible

  • Have a fast internet speed and low ping time

    Use a wired connection, e.g. LAN, to increase your internet speed and lower your ping time.

  • Devices Within the Network

    Use a few devices within the same network that run HoneyGain. Instead, connect to HoneyGain from different networks.

  • Use HoneyGain on your Desktop

  • Location and Time

    Connect to HoneyGain outside of rush hour

  • Refer People

    Refer as many people as you can

  • Claim your Daily Bonus

    Go to HoneyGain Dashboard and claim your daily bonus

  • Enable JumpTask

    Turning on JumpTask boosts your earnings by 50%

Finally, if you still haven’t a HoneyGain account. Feel free to register an account on HoneyGain to let your internet bandwidth make work for you.

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