This is Why You Shouldn’t Use Yobit Virtual Mining

Towards the end of August, Yobit launched a new program named Virtual Mining. At Virtual Mining, users can choose between six virtual miners and buy one of them. Upon purchasing one miner, users receive their income in the MINEX token which is the mining token here.

Unlike typical cloud mining websites, Yobit clearly defined how they handle the investments – and this stinks after a Ponzi scheme. Here’s why:

The scheme behind Virtual Mining

According to Yobit, 90 to 85% of the invested funds will be used to buy back MINEX token. This means, with every purchase of a miner (except Micro miner), a large part of the funds goes to keep up (or increase) the price of Minex token.

In addition, the remaining funds will be used to buy back YO token which is another token created by Yobit.

Finally, every miner purchase (except Micro) results in a price increase of 0.1% for all miners and the MINEX/BTC buy price for Yobit’s buy back increases by 0.1%.

“But what does that mean? I mean, the price will always go up??”. Nope, and here’s why:

The scheme always need fresh investors’ money

A month ago and currently, the cash flow (income is greater than expenditures) in the scheme is positive which results, of course, at a steady price increase. The following depiction shows what happens currently.

Yobit Virtual Mining Scheme
The situation now at Yobit Virtual Mining

Currently, more users invest more funds into Virtual Mining than what they get from Virtual Mining. Therefore, the buy order side (the bidders) is constantly growing with increased price support coming from every purchase.

But what will happen in times of increasing miner prices and increasing daily payouts of Minex token?

Virtual Mining is Doomed To Fail

Absolutely! Increasing miner prices will lead to exclusion of smaller market participants. This means many people won’t afford to buy a Micro Miner since the price might be at around $300 or even $700 – too expensive for many people. This causes missing buy support. Meanwhile, the number of circulating Minex token amongst users will increase which leads to greater sell orders. Effectively, the expenditures are greater than the incomes. The consequence: Minex price will go straight away down to the bottom. The visual depiction shows what happens in a couple of months.

The reality in a couple of months

This depiction shows that selling Minex token is only possible as long as there are buyers (a positive cashflow). In this case, Yobit is the only buyer as they support the Minex token with every miner purchase. Since the purchase funds decrease over time as a consequence of a high miner price, there won’t be any bidders.

Final Thoughts

Yobit Virtual Mining shows signs of a Ponzi scheme which is, in general, doomed to fail. The miner prices have spiked in less than a month from 0.01 BTC to 0.018 BTC which makes it difficult to buy a miner. If this goes on, we will probably see in a few months exorbitant prices that not everybody can afford to buy. This causes a strong price dump to one Satoshi and a loss for those who aren’t in profit. In general, Yobit does not promise a profit in USD. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you can also take a look at some bulletpoints to uncover a scam cloud mining website.

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