Cloud Mining Scam Network

Currently, you’ll probably discover a lot of cloud mining advertisement on bitcoin-related websites. By analysing them, we found out a network of cloud mining websites that belongs to the same person or group.

It is likely that you came here to found out whether they are safe to use. Or you just become a victim of these websites.

I’m talking about these sites which belong to the network:


Probably, there are a couple of more cloud mining websites that I haven’t listed above. Above all, I want to clarify that these sites are not paying, although, they try to build trust using payment proofs.

Indications that they are part of a network

First of all, if you visit all these sites, you’ll probably notice strong differences and you’d think they are a part of a conglomerate of scam websites. Therefore, I point out some indications which show that all mentioned website belongs to the same person or group.

Slight differences in the navigation

Notices the differences? All navigations bar links to payouts, pricing, affiliates and contact. Two links to FAQ and About. Because you may have seen such same links in navigation bars on other websites too, it is too general to say they belong to the same network.

Payment Intervals

Ugh, do you see what is suspicious here? Right, the payment times are the same. At 5 am, 5 pm and 11 pm do these sites pay. Are there any doubts arising? Of course. But wait for the following indications.


Well, I must say, this made me laugh when I saw advertisings there. It is rare that owners put advertising on their cloud mining site. Even if you consider they already lurk investors in their fairy dream and take their money away. During my research, I found out that almost all sites placed ads somewhere on the page to make an extra income.

You can see, only ads from Bitmedia and on other ones, Google Ads. Oh, and thanks to Google Ads and Analytics placed on their site, I found the ultimate proof that they can only belong to the equal network.

Google Ads & Analytics

Thanks to Google services, which does not only track visitors but also owners, helped me to expose various websites belonging to the same owner.

When looking in the source code of these websites, I found out that all sites make use of the same Adsense Publisher ID. Besides, a majority of the site uses the same Google Analytics ID. That’s wretched as these IDs makes easy to expose all sites to the belonging owner.

The Google Analytics IDs which I found are:

  • UA-141204954 (frequent use)
  • UA-136327167
  • UA-110995375
  • UA-131142131
  • UA-130597050
  • UA-118448874
  • UA-134163895

Besides, sites who show advertising of Google have the same publisher ID, which is pub-4156871832547914.

I found out more indications that suggest all listed websites belong to the same network, and I’m fairly sure there are some more. However, I am convinced that all indications above are sufficient enough to say they are belonging to the same owner.

Do these websites pay?

Absolutely no. By visiting plenty of forums and websites whether they pay, you will only read frustrated posts from users who got scammed on these websites

Of course, I have not only found scam accusation but also users who claim to have received a payment. Admittedly, the posts were created by shilling users who probably created the website or are part of the group.

Moreover, the listed websites exist for more than two years, meaning, the chance they pay is pretty low. Even if you join them now, you will be a victim sooner or later.


It can be said that it is rare to find a network of cloud mining websites whose intention is to steal the funds out of people’s wallet. Although they have a large presence on forums and advertising networks with merely positive reviews, there are still victims who fall in such scams without doing proper research before. Personally, I would exercise caution when sending your funds to these websites as you won’t receive a cent back.

Since new cloud mining websites blossoms every day, you should take into consideration that they were made with the intention to rob user. Please take in mind that the crypto industry is emerging daily by new financial opportunities, e.g. investing in crypto lending, which offers a low interest but it is on someday profitable.

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