Signature Campaigns – Make Crypto By Writing Posts

Your finances are at low ebb? Then, signature campaigns may improve your purse immediately. And these refer to people who love writing posts, comments or doing discussions.

What are Signature Campaigns?

I’m pretty sure that crypto-enthusiasts who are members of know exactly what this term means. Nevertheless, I’ll specify that term as simple as possible.

Companies, websites or institutions sponsor users who write posts in forums with the aim to gain attention through this promotion. To do so, they pay users on forums, such as Bitcointalk, to wear a stylish signature in their profile plus, in a few cases, have the company’s logo as an avatar.

Example of a Signature Campaign
Example of a Signature

This signature can be seen every time below his written posts. A consistent writer that wears such signature can easily promote a company or institution.

How much can I earn?

The earnings depend on your status in the forum. A consistent user receives higher earnings than a user who do not post regularly.

In general, most signature campaigns pay a specified amount for every post made in the forum. Some others, pay a specific amount per week/month as long the user meets the specified conditions, otherwise, he is unable to claim the payment.

The payment amount ranges from as low as 0.00000500 BTC to 0.00020000 BTC. Thus, you could earn up to $1.40 with every post which is equivalent to a coffee. Besides that, long-standing companies pay up to $90 per month, e.g. ChipMixer. Consequently, the demand for these signature campaigns is really high, therefore, it is most of the time full.

Where can I start earning money with Signature Campaigns?

The first point is A veteran member named Mitchell of the forum made a clear overview of all Signature campaigns, you can find it here. This list is being updated regularly and includes all necessary information of the respective campaign.

Moreover, if that’s not enough, simply browse this sub-board for the keyword “Signature Campaign”. You will also discover some concealed campaigns that are less popular.

My recommendation to you

Earlier, I joined some signature campaigns and I have to say that you should first look at the conditions before you apply. Not every signature campaign is suitable for you. For instance, if you’re the type who speculates the bitcoin price but joined a signature campaign of a gambling company which demands posts in gambling-related threads, you will sooner or later face problems meeting this condition. Also, beginners should join a campaign whose minimum amount of post per week is low, otherwise, you will be disqualified from the campaign by writing low-quality content.

Personally, my best choice is Yobit’s signature campaign. Yobit runs signature campaigns on Bitcointalk and and their payment is comparatively high. The payment ranges from 0.00012  BTC to 0.00020 BTC. Seems too good to be true but you can make daily a maximum of five posts. Making a living out of this campaign isn’t possible, but you can make a nice extra income.

Final Thoughts

Signature Campaign is one of the oldest forms of making crypto through writing posts. Although established companies pay a decent amount, it is quite difficult to get accepted by the campaign manager because the campaign is anyway full or you don’t meet the conditions of the campaign. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try; there are plenty of signature campaigns with many slots anywhere that users should consider joining it.

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