7 Proven Ways To Earn Crypto As Newbie

As a newbie or beginner in cryptocurrency, it is often difficult to get some crypto. Below, I listed some useful tips where anyone can earn crypto as a newbie.

These tips below are based on my personal experiences in 2014 where I struggled to earn my first cryptos as a beginner.


Yes, faucets. And no, I’m not talking about those faucets you find in bathrooms. I refer to Crypto Faucets. Crypto Faucets are websites where anyone can claim a small amount of cryptocurrency for solving a captcha every hour. To start earning your first currencies, you need a cryptocurrency address and an account at FaucetPay or ExpressCrypto. FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto are micropayment service who accumulates earnings from faucets.

Once done, simply choose a faucet from their faucet list and join them. There, you can claim Satoshi (that’s the smallest unit of Bitcoin) or any other cryptocurrencies hourly. Any faucet claims will be sent to the micropayment provider and you can withdraw from them when you meet the given withdrawal threshold.

You should also take a look at this list of the 7 most profitable crypto faucets. There, you’ll find highly profitable faucets that don’t only offer a simple faucet but also more options to earn your first crypto as a newbie.

PTC Sites

PTC sites or Paid-To-Click Sites have been established in the “making money online” sector for a long time. And out there you’ll also find PTC sites with crypto as a withdrawal method.

At PTC sites you can watch as many advertisements as you can and, in return, you will receive a small amount of cryptocurrencies for every advertisement.

Some trusted Crypto PTC sites are adBTC and DogeClickBot. These sites have usually sufficient PTC ads to watch and their payment is relatively high compared to other sites.

If you are looking for more PTC sites, you can find a list of reliable PTC sites here.

Crypto Giveaways

Coinbase or Coinmarketcap offers regularly free cryptocurrencies for watching videos & answering a few questions. The amount of cryptocurrencies you get there is significantly very high. For instance, you can receive $10 in Stellar on Coinbase for watching four videos and answering four questions.

Don’t forget that the cryptocurrency you receive may rise in its price. For example, I received 3 Luna from the CoinMarketCap campaign and they are worth $50 today.

However, a disadvantage is that you have to proceed through the KYC firstly on Coinbase or Binance in order to be eligible for receiving the cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, it’s worth to join any campaigns for the value of cryptocurrency you get there.

P.S.: We also got covered the quiz answers for Coinbase and Coinmarketcap, if you struggle for the right solution.


Another way of earning crypto is through Airdrops or Bounties, organized by companies to increase their popularity with the aim of getting more investors. These are in comparison faucets a little bit more profitable and everyone, who has social media profiles with a decent number of followers, can make a side income.

A vast majority of campaigns distribute with every contribution stakes at the allocated bounty pool to the user. At the end of the campaign, the tokens in the allocated bounty pool will be issued amongst stakeholder in proportion to the stakes they have earned.

Depending on the success of the company, the token price may climb upon the ICO has ended.

Signature Campaigns

Another way to earn crypto is through signature campaigns on These signatures campaigns are also paying well like the previous one. The aim of signature campaigns is to spread the popularity of a website or ICO campaign.

The requirement for that is being a regular writer on who writes quality content. Spam or non-sense content is not tolerated and results consequently to an exclusion of the campaign.

On average, a signature campaign pays 0.0001 BTC for every post a user has made which is in comparison worthwhile. Nevertheless, the demand for signature campaigns is high. Therefore, users whose rank, activity or quality is low, have little to no chance to join a campaign.

You can find a list of signature campaigns here, be sure to check out after Signature campaigns in this child board.

Get Paid For Writing on Steemit or Publish0x

Another way to earn crypto as a newbie is through writing. Steemit or Publish0x offer a comfortable for anyone to become a paid writer as long you have the right skills.

The income on these platforms depends on tips from users. That means, if more people watch your article, then they are more likely to tip you and this means for you a decent income.

However, these sites do not pay in Bitcoin; Steemit pays in STEEM while Publish0x pays in Ethereum (another popular cryptocurrency), FARM and Ampleforth (a stablecoin).

Nevertheless, this might be a good option to accumulate your first wallet with altcoins that may rise in value later.


People with some kind of expertise in a field can also make a living income with Bitcoin. On people with skills in development or designing are in demand for various projects. Freelancing is probably the most profitable way to earn cryptocurrencies as a newbie, presuming you have the necessary skills.

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