Faucets – An Easy-Way to Gain Cryptos

Crypto Faucets are one of the oldest sorts of earning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the cryptosphere and is suitable for those who are new in the space. To start claiming cryptos on a faucet is very simple, all you need is a crypto address and a considerable IQ of a human to solve captchas. Some of the faucets are paying a significant amount, e.g. Freebitcoin with up to $200 per hour, Cointiply, just to name a few. Some others, however, are paying nuts.

But why the hell is a faucet giving away free crypto to their users?

You may think that the idea of giving away cryptos may seem ridiculous but there is some magic behind that which I’ll explain further in the following.

The first faucet was a simple Bitcoin faucet, operated by one of the Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen. He gave for every solved CAPTCHA five bitcoins away which is $50,000 worth today. The aim of his faucet was to let people learn about how-to-use Bitcoin.

Later, when the first service for faucets, named, was launched, faucets started popping up like flowers from the ground. These faucets were not created only with the purpose of letting users earn bitcoin, but also bringing revenue for the owner. This was and is done using monetization methods like Banner Ads, Pop-Ups or Paid Captchas; the owners of such faucets place many sorts of this monetization types on their faucets until the faucet is profitable for themselves and the users.

Okay, where can I start earning cryptos on faucets?

The first address for faucets is FaucetHub is a provider who helps faucet owners processing micropayments by batching them into larger ones. It does not only offers Bitcoin as faucet currency but also plenty of other cryptocurrencies. At press time, FaucetHub lists about 3365 faucets.

In order to start, simply register an account on if you haven’t done so before. Once you registered on FaucetHub, please visit firstly User Dashboard (you can find it under User > User Dashboard in the navigation menu). Click on Wallet Addresses and link an address of your desired cryptocurrency. After that, you can go to the Faucet List where you will see plenty of faucets.

For you, as a non-premium user, you can only see Premium Faucets. If you would like to access faucets whose owners have no premium access, you need to claim a few satoshis to unlock that section.

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