Crypto Faucets Review ▷ Paying or Not Paying?

Update: BNBCity stopped paying its users. Please avoid them!

Recently, I found a new faucet game called BNBCity. Unlike other faucets, you start with a base rate of 0.000001 BNB per minute without any upgrades. By upgrading your “buildings”, you can earn up to 0.002 BNB per minute. In total, they have 9 buildings – one free building and 8 paid buildings.

In this review, I’m finding out whether BNBCity pays or not.


  • Name: BNBCity
  • Website:
  • Currency: BNB on Binance Smart Chain
  • Minimum withdrawal: 0.01 BNB + withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BNB

What is BNBCity

As mentioned before BNBCity is a faucet game that allows anyone to earn BNB by solving a simple captcha. Upon registration, every user starts with a free building that earns 0.000002 BNB per minute, up to the vault space of 0.000015 BNB. Therefore, users need to claim regularly in order not to go beyond the vault space.

BNBCity user dashboard
BNBCity dashboard

How many buildings have BNBCity?

In total, they have 9 buildings – 1 free building that anyone starts with and 8 upgradable buildings. Below, you can see a table of all buildings.

NamePayout RateVault SpaceLifetimeMax. daily profitClaim TimeCost
School0.000001 BNB/min0.000004 BNB0.00144 BNB4 min
Supermarket0.00000450 BNB/min0.00040000 BNB20 days0.00648 BNB90 min0.05 BNB
Post Office0.00002000 BNB/min0.00300000 BNB19 days0.0288 BNB150 min0.2 BNB
Cinema0.00005000 BNB/min0.01200000 BNB19 days0.072 BNB240 min0.5 BNB
Theatre0.00010000 BNB/min0.03600000 BNB19 days0.144 BNB360 min1 BNB
Museum0.00022000 BNB/min0.10600000 BNB18 days0.3168 BNB8 hours2 BNB
Hospital0.00045000 BNB/min0.21600000 BNB18 days0.648 BNB8 hours4 BNB
Airport0.00100000 BNB/min0.72000000 BNB17 days1.44 BNB12 hours8 BNB
Bank0.00200000 BNB/min2.88000000 BNB17 days2.88 BNB24 hours15 BNB
All buildings on BNBCity

For the free building (school), it takes 4 min to reach the Vault space. For the supermarket building, it takes ~ 88 min to reach the vault space. Finally, for the bank building, it takes a whole day to reach the Vault space.

How to Claim Earnings from the Vault?

To claim your earnings from the vault, click on Claim next to your ever-increasing payout. After that, solve the captcha.

Please note that even if your payout is increasing beyond the limit, upon claim it is capped at the given Vault space.

How To Buy Buildings on BNBCity?

To buy a building, make sure you have sufficient funds. If not, you can deposit BNB over Binance Smart Chain.

Therefore, click on Deposit on the upper-right side. You will see a QR code and a deposit address where you can send the funds.

How To Make a Withdrawal?

Make sure you reached the minimum withdrawal of 0.01 BNB. Once you reached it, you can request a withdrawal to your account.

To make a withdrawal, click on Payout on the upper-right side. You can enter the amount, you’d like to withdraw.

It’s worth to note they do charge a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BNB.

Can I use VPNs or multiple accounts to increase my earnings?

No, you cannot use VPNs or multiple accounts. Using these methods will lead to a suspension and loss of your cumulated earnings and bought buildings.

How else can I maximize my earnings on BNBCity?

Try not to reach the vault space. Thus, you need to claim regular your earnings from the vault. For the free building, it’s 7.5 minutes buffer while for the latest building, it’s a whole day. Look up the table above to see how much buffer you have between two claims.

Furthermore, you can refer friends and people and earn 12% commissions whenever they bought a building-

Does BNBCity even pay its users?

BNBCity is not paying anymore!

Although BNBCity is newly launched, it already paid out its users according to its website.

I also researched whether there are other payment proofs. In fact, there exist payment proofs in their Telegram group.

This shows that there are users who received withdrawals from them.

Final Thoughts About BNBCity

BNBCity is a relatively, fresh faucet game that allows anyone to earn BNB. Users who want to earn more can upgrade buildings to increase their minute payout rate. However, be advised not to exceed the vault space.

Nevertheless, it’s unclear how they finance their payout. Therefore, if you plan to make a deposit, only deposit what you can afford to lose.

If you’re interested to join BNBCity, you can do so here.




  • Different buildings (even for users who don't want to upgrade)
  • Easy, intuitive system
  • Affiliate Program


  • High withdrawal threshold (difficult to reach)
  • Unclear financing
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